Gold Capital LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rent-To-Own?

Rent-To-Own, or RTO, is a Rental Contract that allows you to pay rent for 36 months, and own the unit at the end of the contract. However, like any rental contract, you acquire no equity in the unit until the contract is completed successfully. If you return your unit, or terminate the contract in any way, there is no refunds given.

What is the interest rate on my Rent-To-Own product?

Our Rent-To-Own is what it's name suggests, a Rental Contract. Therefore, there is no interest rate, however there is rent that is charged.

Can I purchase the building at any time during the Rental Agreement?

Yes, at any time the building can be paid off "early" A rental rate will be applied to each monthly payment while the building is being used. The remaining portion of your payment will be subtracted from the original purchase price.

Our customer support hot line is 1-888-grace-04.